I bet I'm not the only one dealing with this nonsense already this summer! This is the norm for me. Check out the photo I posted with this article. Not my actual windshield, mine is far worse. It never fails, every stinking summer, I end up with some sort of ding in my windshield. 

The original one happened about a month ago and I normally hit up someone to fix it right away before it 'runs.' Well this time I just wasn't quick enough and with the triple digit heat we've been having, my poor windshield didn't stand a chance.

When I first started driving, I remember my dad would tell me a few things to avoid so that this would not happen:

  • keep your distance-do not drive behind a vehicle closely because their tires could throw rocks on my windshield and boom instant ding or crack
  • drive carefully when there is road construction-rocks are everywhere
  • if at all possible take a different route than normal if there is road construction
  • I'm not quite sure if he warned me of this one or just common sense but I have always avoided gravel roads

Legit my windshield is crack city right now and to be honest I have no intention of getting it replaced anytime soon. Most of the roads I travel have some sort of construction going on currently so why bother? Meanwhile, I joke that I will have each letter of the alphabet carved so beautifully into my windshield by the time it's all over with. Insert eyeroll here. Summertime in Texas, amirite?
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