As many of us enter week 4 (maybe longer for you) of quarantine, we are discovering just how good we are at some things. As we are required to stay home and self-isolate, we find that we are doing things either we rarely do or have never done before. For me, I'm pretty much learning how to cook. lol I've often said on the radio, I love to bake, I will try to bake almost anything but cooking....I'm not too good at. 

There was a time when all I knew how to make was spaghetti and a good grilled cheese sandwich. Sad but true. Now that we've (thankfully) got a full pantry and fridge, I'm trying all types of different things. I've made roast (don't judge I never knew how) salisbury steak, soups, dips, chicken fried steak, momma is throwin down in the kitchen! lol The Cruz household has been eatin' good and I'm not stopping there, who knows what's next? What are you getting really good at these days?

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