How is YOUR quarantine cooking going? I have to say 8 weeks ago I was gung-ho really getting after it with my cooking skills, my kids were loving it. Now....not so much.

Quarantine cooking:

Weeks 1&2- breakfast-eggs, bacon, pancakes

lunch-quesadillas or grilled cheese

dinner-spaghetti or pork chops, sides

Weeks 3&4-breakfast-waffles, toast

lunch-homemade burgers, fixins'

dinner-enchiladas or chicken fried steak with sides

Weeks 5&6-breakfast-grab your own bowl of cereal

lunch-(frozen) pizza or ramen noodles

dinner-let's get take out!

Weeks 7&8-breakfast-lunch-dinner.....HOLY CRAP DID YOU EAT TODAY??!!

In the beginning, my kids could name almost anything they wanted to eat and I would make it, this week, it's every man for himself! Who can relate?


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