So yesterday was just like any other day, go to work, come home, pick up kids from school. Taking my usual route around Mustang Dr. in Andrews, TX when all of a sudden I see a huge police presence. Immediately I pull over to the side of the road wondering what is going on? Is there someone they are looking for? Was there an accident? You know our minds immediately think the worst...
fortunately it was not at all anything bad. It was quite funny in fact and as it was happening all I could think was get video, take a picture and I cannot wait to talk about this on the air! lol

So check this out. This is what all the commotion was about in Andrews yesterday yall. Running of the bull....Andrews style! Apparently there was a steer on the loose. He was running amuck. lol I was laughing, my daughter was freaking out! She thought for sure he was going to ram our car!

I see cops chasing him down, a local fireman on his Polaris chasing him down. It was quite a scene. There were even Andrews citizens riding on the back of their pick up trucks hoping to try to wrangle him!

From what I understand, this longhorn had gotten loose by jumping his owner's fence, was running through residential area and was eventually captured after about a 30 minute pursuit. No one was harmed which is a good thing but literally I'm thinking to myself, 'this is West Texas, no one had rope?' Where were all the cowboys? lol

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