This sight is marvelous in my opinion! Even better because it is in my hometown. Andrews, TX is getting a Huddle House! I see you MVP platter, waffles, pancakes, Huddleburgers and everything in between. So here's the thing, there are fewer than 20 Huddle House locations in Texas and Andrews got 1 of them!


The closest to Andrews is Kermit tbh, but then there is Odessa with their new location  off of loop 338, then Monahans and Lubbock.

I love their motto,

Any meal. Any time. Breakfast, lunch, dinner.

I'm telling you they understood the assignment. There is a breakfast menu with platters, combos, omelette's, a little bit of everything, including personal favorites, pecan waffles, butter pecan praline waffles, well any waffles or french toast really and also the cheesy bacon grits are everything for me. Check out the breakfast menu here.

Then if you want to hit up 'the Hud' (yes I'm sure that is what I will call it from now on) for lunch or dinner, the Huddleburger, grown up grilled cheese, chopped steak, country fried steak and ribeye are just some of the dishes my family has tried.  No doubt everything else on the menu is fabulous. Check out what you can have for lunch/dinner here.

My kids will tell you they love the fried pickles, mozzarella sticks and chili cheese fries and if you want to start off with those as appetizers, I wouldn't blame you. Here is that menu.

My small town will never be the same with this awesome addition! If you are ever passing through, be sure to stop in. Huddle House (will be open soon) and is located at on N 385. 1390 US Hwy. 385 to be exact.

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