Andrews Christmas Lights Back For 2020!
It's time to take the short drive to my hometown of Andrews Texas. I'm serious! In case you were not aware, there is a tradition in Andrews and it's been around for several years. Andrews Christmas Lights are something everyone, including those from surrounding areas MUST experience at least once! I…
Don’t Drink The Water In My Hometown
I read this story about my hometown and was not the least bit surprised. Apparently one of the water wells that supplies water to the city tested positive for E. coli. Ewwwww. But bacteria in the water is the reason that my family has not been drinking faucet water for years.
Andrews Splash Park Update
I promised I would keep you updated and here I am keeping that promise. The Andrews Splash Park has officially reopened! As of last Friday, it is open for business for all my Andrews peeps of course and those friends from around the 4-3-2 who like to visit every summer.
Andrews Splash Park Closed For The Summer?
Here's something from the 'in case you missed it' file. The splash park from my hometown of Andrews is not currently open. Booooooo! I happen to know that people travel to Andrews, TX from around the 4-3-2, several times throughout the summer to treat their kiddos to something differe…
UPDATE On The Undocumented Persons Arrested In Andrews
The message I received earlier this week from a good childhood friend was not a good one. She informed me that local police were searching for several 'undocumented persons' IN MY HOMETOWN of Andrews! When she said local I assumed somewhere in the 4-3-2, which is still disconcerting.
Home Hospice Butterfly Release Schedule 2019
The 2019 Butterfly Release and Family Celebration with Home Hospice kicks off this weekend. You, your family and friends are invited to honor your precious memories of loved ones. Tomorrow, April 27th the event will be in Midland from 2-4 p.m. at the Carrasco Room on the Midland College Campus. On S…
Wild, Wild, West Fest This Weekend In Andrews
It's that time of year again! Time for some fun in Andrews, TX at the Wild, Wild West Fest! Make the short drive to the ACE Arena in Andrews for all kinds of fun activities that include a carnival, car show, various food vendors, a bbq cook-off and a Chuckwagon Gang cook-off.
Make Plans To Check This Out In Andrews This Weekend!
It's that time of year again! Andrews, TX is once again having their Wild, Wild West Fest this Friday and Saturday at the ACE Arena. Lots to do, lots to see and so much to buy! Shop til you drop with the various vendors like Avon, Younique, Advocare, JamBerry, Thirty-One, Norwex and many more.
Only In Small Town America Does This Happen
Only in small town America. lol So this happened the other day and I literally chuckled to myself thinking, 'yep this would happen to me, in my small town.' I'm sure there is a duck crossing sign somewhere but I've never seen it.

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