Noooooo! Why? Just why is this happening in my hometown? I came across this story via Newswest 9 and now I'm ready to move. Imagine reading the headline 'woman finds python in her toilet' then reading that it happened in the city where you live? Time to move out of town! lol Click here to read more about this lady's story, then find out how I was in a somewhat similar situation...

So here is a true story of something I have experienced in the past. I once lived in a home where we would find frogs in our toilet. No lie. And it did happen pretty much the same way as this lady in Andrews. Unsuspecting, without warning, you wake up half asleep, in the middle of the night, turn on the light, lift up the toilet seat and you're greeted by a ribbitt. What the....?

True story, I straight up called on a family member in the middle of the night to come and handle the 'situation.' And they did. And to this day they are my favorite person in the world for saving me that night!

My question was how? Because it happened on more than one occasion, I wanted to know how these froggies get into ones toilet? Only two things belong in a toilet and a frog, python, or any other sort of reptile or amphibian is NOT one of them! Well it turns out in my sitch, they were entering through an exposed sewer line. Well dayum. Covered that thing up real quick! I had no clue?

Consider yourself warned and also you might want to check the back of your home, wherever your sewer line is located and make sure no creepy crawlies can enter easily or you will be dealing with a very unwelcome visitor in your commode when you are at your most vulnerable!

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