So if you have listened to Leo and Rebecca in the morning for a very long time, you feel like you know alot about us. Our quirks, our likes, dislikes, things that bother us, things that make us happy. You can learn alot about someone you spend many years listening to on the radio but did you know this about me....?

I sweat...alot. More than the average female. lol No lie. What you see pictured is a stomach wrap that I wear when I exercise to help me sweat more but I sweat profusely without it. My kids legit get grossed out when mom has had a good workout.

So what do I do to make it worse? Chase them around the house with this nasty, sweat waist trainer of course! It is rather hard to believe that someone who stays cold could sweat this much? It baffles me too trust.

Look all I know is that I've always heard that toxins are released through sweat, so I'm all for ridding my body of toxins. Next time I hit up a good cardio sesh, I will collect my sweat in a bucket, throw it on the internet and see how much I can get for it! I kid, I kid but now you know something about Rebecca you never really wanted to know. lol

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