Leo and Rebecca In The Morning

Something You May Not Know About Rebecca…
So if you have listened to Leo and Rebecca in the morning for a very long time, you feel like you know alot about us. Our quirks, our likes, dislikes, things that bother us, things that make us happy. You can learn alot about someone you spend many years listening to on the radio but did you know this about me....?
IMO:Rebecca On Being Told To Calm Down (Buzz Question)
So this morning on Leo and Rebecca in the Morning, our buzz question came from a guy who is a newlywed and claims that anytime he tells his new wife to 'calm down' it like triggers something in her and boom instant blow up argument! He says he really tries not to say those two words a whole lot but when he does, it.is.over. So let me tell you my thoughts on the 'calm down....'

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