What in the Missy-Elliott-I-can't-stand-the-rain is going on here? This is me trying to sweat as much as humanly possible. One of my New Year's resolutions is to sweat more! My kids said I look like a trash bag. lol I do. Also when I purchased this I realized I could have probably just used trash bags but too late, I already bought this 'sauna suit.' We will see how long it lasts without tearing. 

It has really helped with my daily cardio. I'm sure many people have worn this at one time or another, I vaguely remember momma 'sweatin to the oldies' back in the day in one but this is my first time. Normally I just wear a waist trainer sweat belt thing. That really just makes my belly sweat. It does the job but I wanted an all over sweat and trust, when I take this sucker off it is drenched, as I'm exercising I'm surprised there is not a pool of sweat under me. 

The purpose of a sauna suit is to 'increase perspiration' and after the couple of workouts I've done in it, it is doing what it's intended to do! Here is the thing, coming off the year that we just had, where there was a lot of couch surfing, snacking, binge watching any and everything your friends and family suggested, (yes I am talking about myself) that quaran-fifteen gotta go! Time to get out and get more fresh air and exercise.



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