You know it is very rare that we get several days with beautiful weather in the beginning of February. I mean it is still winter! What have you done to enjoy these past few days with temps in the 70s and yesterday 80°? I've seen many people out and about at the park with kids or the whole family just enjoying getting some warm sunshine. 

I saw others going through the drive thru of a fast food restaurant and taking it to the park to enjoy with fam. Both excellent ways to enjoy the nice, no doubt short lived warmer weather. I'll tell you what I did, I hit the pavement, or I guess in this case as you can see in the photo I hit the track. I decided to get out with my kids and get some fresh air, get a little exercise in because quite honestly, during the winter months, if you're like me, it's extremely hard to find the motivation to work out. So I decided to hit up the local track and get a little jog in and it was great!

Well that didn't last long, cut to today, the crazy wind is back. I guess I'll be back to doing a workout or two indoors and spending the rest of my time doing what I do best, snacking and chillin. Bingeing some shows, catching up on anything I have on my TIVo and waiting patiently for spring. Normally I'm a cold weather girl, I love it! But this year is a little different, I am actually anxiously awaiting the arrival of spring.
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