How Are You Enjoying These Nice Temps This Week?
You know it is very rare that we get several days with beautiful weather in the beginning of February. I mean it is still winter! What have you done to enjoy these past few days with temps in the 70s and yesterday 80°? I've seen many people out and about at the park with kids or the whole family just enjoying getting some warm sunshine.
How Do You Like Yours?
As heard on Leo & Rebecca in the morning, how do you like your Pop Tarts? Rebecca loves chocolate fudge Pop Tarts, fresh out of the toaster. Leo is weird. lol He likes strawberry Pop Tarts, NOT warmed up, gross.
Snow Cones Or Ice Cream On A Hot Summer Day?
It is summertime in the 4-3-2! We are feeling it especially this week with triple digit temps expected pretty much the entire week. It's going to be a hot one to say the least. The photos you see are pretty much how my summer is going to go. lol
What Is ‘Pool Weather’ In Your Opinion?
Ok so I believe a few weeks ago I did a blog about how our family purchased a new pool. Well it is up and running and the kids are in it every single day, just like I new they would be. I have been in it twice in several weeks and my circle thinks I'm crazy because I'm not in it everyday!
What Are Things We Dread In The Summer?
Summertime is officially here and the triple digit temps are the norm. We do what we can to stay cool but sometimes these things come with a price. The struggle is real in the summer and also some of these things can be frustrating. Check out what I'm talking about...
snow cone time!
It is that time of year! I'm so excited, especially today reaching 90 degrees, what can be better on a day like this than a snow cone? This is exactly what hot weather calls for, am I right?