True story. I had a friend reach out to me recently and ask if 'I own a bicycle?' My reply, 'a stationary one right?' (I do have a Peloton for exercise just FYI-lol) I mean, my 8 year old has one but she's 8! She rides that thing all the time. I can't even remember the last time I rode a bike around the block. Well apparently my friend was gifted one for her birthday recently and she was in fact talking about an actual bike, to go bike riding around the neighborhood! 

I don't even know if I know how to anymore tbh? I've often heard people say when asked if they can do something they haven't done in quite some time...'it's like riding a bike!'

Is it though? lol I mean my stationary bike is far more safe. I don't have to balance and I can't fall off of it, humiliate myself and scrape my knee like back in the day when I was a kid. Or gosh I'm no spring chicken, maybe even sprain or break something.

I also cannot watch Netflix while on a regular bicycle like I can on my 'exercise bike.' That thing got me through a couple of seasons of Grace & Frankie and the entire second season of The Circle!

Is it still required to wear a safety helmet while riding a bike in public? I don't look cute in those things. lol I guess my friend will have to look elsewhere when looking for a bike riding partner to take her birthday gift for a spin. (literally)

I guess you can tell I'm team indoor, stationary, exercise bike. It doesn't move, I can't get hurt on it and it gives me beautiful riding scenery through the apps I have downloaded, it's very peaceful.

Which type of bike would you prefer?
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