Christmas lights okay let's be real as a child Christmas lights were not my thing. It was not something that I had to do, it was not something that had to worry about. I always remember my dad would gather everything nicely in the front yard first thing in the morning and finish late afternoon. I never really paid attention to how Christmas lights were hung outside of the house. My job was on the inside. 

Mom and I took care of the inside, decorated the tree, got everything ready for Christmas and I thought that my dad was just magical and maybe just threw the lights up on the house. I don't know exactly how it was done, I just know they were perfect every single year. I know he decorated the outside of the house so beautifully but I never really paid attention to exactly how Christmas lights were hung outside of the home until now as an adult, with my own home to decorate. 

The first couple of years of hanging lights, a family member suggested and even lent us a staple gun, saying this was the easiest way. Agreed and it was all fun and games until you staple the cord and ruin that strand of lights. Smh. lol Only me. So now we have moved on to these light tabs, which is what I do believe my father used, because they are so simple and neat...exactly how I remember our home decorated as a child. What is your preference? How do you hang your Christmas lights?

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