So I just stepped back into the B93 studios after having a little 'water cooler talk' with the other ladies here in our office. We each just 'fessed up to the exercise equipment we have that have been used only a handful of times and shared a good laugh. lol Ladies, let's be real, the desire to want to exercise struggle is REAL! 

There should be no excuses but if you are like me, you blame kids, work, housework, anything you can to get out of it. So as we are going around the room, we realized that between us here in the building, there is an unused treadmill, (the usual) stationary bike, yoga mat and kettle bells just to name a few. lol I know we are not the only ones who spend quite a bit of money on items that become dust or clothes collectors? Your turn to confess, what piece of exercise equipment do you have at home that you should be using, but do not?

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