You're doing what to what? Yeah, when me and Rebecca heard about this we pretty much almost lost our mind. This story hurt our feelings LOL. This morning we talked about a guy who runs his pizza through water to cool it down. Yes, let me repeat that, runs his slice of pizza under water for a few seconds to cool it down. This has got to be against the law. I mean, this isn't right. Apparently, he's been doing it for a while. His wife says he's been doing it actually since his college days. Apparently, he doesn't like hot pizza. So, he will take his slice of pizza and run it thru water at the kitchen sink for a few seconds then, he does the most crazy thing, he eats it.

Yep, the tragedy of it all. Let's be real, probably one of the most popular foods that we have here in America. And, to do this is just really not cool. Now, I've heard of people eating cold pizza which to me is really no big deal. I actually go into the fridge and if there's pizza left over I'll grab me a slice without even warming it up, but to make Pizza soggy, that's another thing I mean run your fruits and vegetables under water to clean them up a bit. Heck if you want to thaw out some frozen meat run it under the water for a bit, I get it, but Pizza, yeah that story hurt our feelings this morning. But, now we are hungry for some pizza. Please do not run your pizza through water! LOL

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