So this morning on Leo and Rebecca in the Morning, our buzz question came from a guy who is a newlywed and claims that anytime he tells his new wife to 'calm down' it like triggers something in her and boom instant blow up argument! He says he really tries not to say those two words a whole lot but when he does, So let me tell you my thoughts on the 'calm down....'

I can completely understand where the wifey is coming from. Let me start by saying that for Mr. Iglesias and I, he does not say 'calm down' to me, he actually says, 'take it easy.' Which is the same thing! lol

So the words are usually said if I'm being dramatic about something (all day everyday basically lol) or I'm being really animated telling a story or we are having a 'discussion.' All he has to do is say the words 'take it easy' and instantly I'm like really?

Why? Because as women, it makes us feel some type of way:

a. I am not a child to be told to 'take it easy'-seems like you are scolding me and that's when women (I) get defensive

b. words like calm down, relax, take it easy, chill out are all like commands and can sometimes be misconstrued to be demeaning and condescending

c. sometimes I think men do this intentionally to get a rise out of us-it instantly stops whatever I was talking about and the convo shifts-he doesn't hear what I was saying anymore and now I'm mad and storm off (or whatever the case) it's a win-win for guys!

Ladies, fellas....thoughts?

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