Leo and Rebecca Buzz Question - How many dates would you allow? Me and this guy have been on 4 dates...and we have paid DUTCH on all dates. He'll pay for his food , I'll pay for mine. The first time was cool, but he hasn't offered in 4 dates. Just sayin? He's testing my nerve, and it sucks cause I really like him. What do you say?

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Here is what the 432 has to say bout it!


Has he asked you what y’all doing after dinner
Your answer is what is the deal maker


Get you an idiot like me who won't let you pay for anything, that treats you right, sends flowers, that nobody wants. It's a lose/lose!


Spell it with me… E-Q-U-A-L-I-T-Y !!!! 😂😂


By now you should be able to recognize any signs he may be given off that he is maybe low on funds or on a budget. If he is still going on dates with you than he must be interested. Maybe ask when you get the check if he can get it this time and you get the next…just to see what he says. Men don’t have to pay every time but I would expect most of them will feel embarrassed if they don’t, so if he is not able to pay the full bill he might be having some money problems.


I think 50/50 is always good. So you pay for dinner and he pays for the drinks. I would have expected him to pay for the first meal of course. Why ask a female out if your broke? Idk seems a little awkward to me.


See...... I'll pay for dinner on dates ....... But I only date on Tuesdays ........ Your pick of half price burgers or half price tacos !!!

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