Leo and Rebecca Buzz Question - I broke up with girlfriend the other day through FACETIME. I didn't send her a text, we facetimed, talked it out and I broke up with her. She did not take it well and told me she cant believe I did it though the phone and it was just as bad as texting her a breakup. What the heck...we were looking at each other and having a discussion as if we were in person. Look, it doesn't matter at this point but isn't breaking up through FACETIME better than through text???


Here Is What The 432 Had To Say About It!

This guy says give the guy props for using Facetime...listen


This is better than just ghosting lol

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When i was a weee lad i used to just ghost them or mess up so they could leave me bc i didnt want to leave them lol. But now its like, why not just tell them face to face how u aint in it and yall both need to find happiness elsewhere.‍♂️

You do you..if it bothers you how u did it..then grow a pair and go talk to her face to face...

My last couple splits were via text. The last in person break up I had was on a plane and thought the FAA were going to take her in, so via text it is for me. Breakups get scary in person. People lie to hurt you so I'd rather not do a break up in person ever again.


Why are is it so hard to be an adult and break up with them in person.If you have to do it by text or FaceTime thats just cowardly !


I personally like the good old fashioned way...with bashed in windows and slashed tires


To be honest at least it was face time. She was just a girlfriend! Be lucky he didn't ghost her!

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