Leo and Rebecca Buzz Question - My husband has never had a Facebook. Has never wanted one, no big deal. I've always been the one on the socials. So, I was a little shocked the other day when I see him CREEPING on Facebook on his phone. Apparently, he is on Facebook with his SISTER's account. I asked him what the heck...he said his sister gave him her password one day and he just goes on every now and then to see what's up. And, he left it at that. Um, I ain't gonna lie, I'm a little ticked off he didn't tell me. Why not just get your own Facebook? Right?

Here is what the 432 had to say about it!


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Divorce now!! Lol ok maybe not but do something about it. He probably was checking on an ex that is his sister's friend


Sounds like someone is being shady



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Annabel Williams

Not good!!!


Fabian Ruiz

Sounds like he’s got a good sister to me.

Ray Ray

It's no big deal. So he's on Facebook now and he's creeping around. He's using his sister's Facebook so he really isn't on Facebook, if you jow what I mean.


Have him get his own Facebook, There is no need to use his sister's. And especially if he is on Facebook all the time. Have him own up and start his own Facebook and like that you can keep an eye on his doings. He wants to play on Facebook then he can play on his own Facebook.


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