Leo and Rebecca Buzz Question - Been noticing that my MAN takes a certain road and route a lot when we are heading out somewhere. Didn't think much of it, but the other day I was talking to a friend and told her we are always driving down her street and she pointed out that my MAN"S EX lives on the same street as her! She told me THATS why he's always driving down that street. WOW...Call him out or is it stupid coincidence?
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Minnette Salazar
Time to move on .He isn’t over his ex and using you as rebound .
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Top Fan
From this it sounds like he isn’t over his ex. I would just break up with him. Because from now on you’re not gonna trust him.

For the rest of y’all’s relationship.✌

I don’t see the big deal I personally wouldn’t care lol but if it’s that big of a deal to you just ask him? And if you can’t trust him why are you even with him?

Wasn't him
indecisive season 1 GIF by Ash vs Evil Dead

He’s grown & knows exactly what he’s doing!!

Stop reading into things so much, or you are going to be single

Not a coincidence


Ray Ray
Take an UBER next time, Problem solved. Ha hA. Honestly, yes all him out on it and also rethink your relationship. Not cool on his part.

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