Leo and Rebecca Buzz Question - Going to my boyfriends PARENTS house out of town for Thanksgiving holiday. First time meeting them. And How's this for a switch. They have 1 guestroom and INSIST we stay in the room together. I'm the one who has a problem with staying the room with my boyfriend. I just feel it's disrespectful to do it and not comfortable doing it. I don't want to make noise, but....How should we handle this?

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People try to treat you like an adult and you’re still not happy. ‍♂️
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It’s not disrespectful if they tell you to do it. If they have a nice couch they don’t want it to get ruined or they just don’t want stuff on the floor while they prepare for guests coming over. Just sleep in the room
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Get a room simple as that.
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Sleep in a hotel or on the floor ‍♀️
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Don't wanna make noise?? Then don't do the deed . Or get a hotel room
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This is traditional old school. Don’t sleep in the same room until your married. I give you mad respect not a lot of women out their like that. Stick to your morals and character!! You don’t find many like you anymore!
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If you have already done the deed with their son then what are you worried about? You have already been disrespectful. If you get a room you will insult them. Just stay in the room and sleep on the floor if it make you feel better about your sins.
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Do you sleep together or live together? If so no biggie stay in the room just don’t screw in the bed. If you don’t sleep together and don’t live together then get a room and explain you’re traditional views.

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