Leo and Rebecca Buzz Question - At a party recently with some co-workers, and my Husband noticed one of my male co-workers complimenting me. Me and my big mouth, told him he's always COMPLIMENITNG ME at work. Very nice polite guy. Well, now my man says that COMPLIMENTS AT WORK are inappropriate from the opposite sex. Um, compliments, really?


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There's nothing wrong with compliments. They can look at the menu all they want , just can't place an order
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There's nothing wrong with compliments.
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Nothing wrong with compliments.As long as they dont turn into flirtation you will be okay .Mean while Your man is jealous and insecure. He needs to trust you and you need to reassure him that he is the only man you want !


Always complimenting??? That’s the guy your wife tells you not to worry about that you should worry about.
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That's always the guy they go after they leave their man. " he's just a friend" bam break up and their together

Ray Ray
Yes, SOME compliments can go OVER THE LINE, but if it's happening at work and this guy also compliments others, it might just be his way of trying to fit it at work or be overly frinedly. You did tell your husband and was upfront with him about it, so he should be thankful for that.

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