Leo and Rebecca Buzz Question - So, me and my husband are having Thanksgiving dinner with his family this Thanksgiving. AND I think it's the perfect time to announce we are GETTING DIVORCED. He doesn't! Look, it's a mutual decision to divorce, we have no kids and been married  2 years.  He thinks telling his family at Thanksgiving is tacky and I'm like look this is probably the last time I will have Thanksgiving dinner with them and see them so why not just drop the news?

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How selfish can you be??? Don't ruin a holiday cause your personal problems should of addressed it sooner!!!

Why the hell you gotta make an announcement? Just get divorced, ain’t nobody’s business what y’all do.

If it’s so important to let his family know just throw a divorce party…don’t ruin Thanksgiving

If it’s mutual I get it… be real I dig it❤️

This is a day to be thankful. Don’t ruin thanksgiving! Tell them the day after thanksgiving!

Announcement!? You announce good news. Bad news should be handled privately. And how do you expect it to go? You will make the whole holiday akward. Alot of family dont see eachother often and use Thanksgiving as a chance to visit and see eachother. Yo… See more

Why not just leave each other before Thanksgiving ‍♀️ if y’all want to divorce why keep holding on

Both of them should take their "side dishes"(sancho/sancha) and the family will get the idea

She’s gonna be mad when the family celebrates the “announcement” bc they never liked her in the first place

I can see why y’all are getting divorced.

Why go anyways?

Ummm don’t…. Call them and tell
Them after the holiday. Why ruin it for them

Why do you feel the need to have to make an announcement?? I don't even know you, and I want to divorce you too!‍♂️

If the divorce is mutual then there should be no hard feelings. I wouldn't "announce" the divorce as much as bring it up as a family discussion. Maybe if it starts as a discussion you will see the whole family's perspective and not just your own. who k… See more

Where at so I can witness this an get a plate

Do it anyway! GREAT conversation starter Also you'll be spending less $$ on gifts this year Follow me for more money saving hacks

Sounds good do it after everyone is done eating cleaning and just chilling at least. How is this bad news if y’all are both cool with it and have no hard feelings about it life goes on

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