Leo and Rebecca Buzz Question - Met this girl online and we went out on our first date two days ago. I thought it went well but she kept mentioning..' YOU DON'T LOOK  ANYTHING LIKE YOUR ONLINE PICTURES!' . Um, should I feel offended?  And, am I about to get ghosted?? We've talked once since then....


Here is what the 432 had to say about it!

Yep she feels catfished.. post recent pictures and not pictures taken years ago ...

Yeah, I had that plenty of them not look like their pictures. Be ready for him to exit stage left since you are a fraud.

dose she look like her online pix if not say something

Quit using them filters!!!!

Ray Ray
NO biggie. Whether you look like the pictures or not, it didn't work out and at that point you move on. The whole picture thing is irrelevant, she met you and didn't vibe with you that's where it is. Not meant to be.... no one is worse or better for it. You movie on with life. Keep your head up.

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