One of the biggest misconceptions about morning show people, we are all morning people! I mean we must be because we wake up crazy early, head to work and 'entertain.' Therefore, having done a morning show for almost 20 years we must wake up in a good mood right? Not so fast...

I am by no means a morning person! lol When I first wake up, do not speak to me. I want complete silence. Wouldn't you at 4 am? Like for real it takes me awhile to get warmed up. Lucky for me I have a commute. Loud music I can sing to, an energy drink and a long drive can do a person some good.

By the time I get to work, THEN I'm awake and can function. Plus working with someone like Leo helps. That dude is never in a bad mood! He makes it hard to come in cranky or having a bad day. Here are a couple of other misconceptions about a morning show host:

  • since we wake up early we must eat a good breakfast every morning? Nope-I'm not a breakfast eater. It's not unusual for me to eat my first meal of the day after lunch, maybe 1 or 2
  • you sound like you're in a good mood every day? Also nope. I could be having the worst day, don't feel well, my kid kept me up all night because they were sick and you wouldn't even know it!
  • surely you and Leo don't always get along? Have y'all ever had a fight since you work together so closely 5 days a week? Never. Ever. Have Leo and I had one argument, we laugh a lot, we get along great! 

Surprised? You would think having done it for so long it would get easier and we would be used to it. Not at all, it never gets easier but doing something you absolutely love makes it all worth it!

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