Leo and Rebecca Buzz Question - My Man's EX girlfriend Still TAGS Him on Facebook! And, I'm not happy with it. He says it's no big deal and he's never on Facebook anyway, but I'm not having it. He says they had a cool breakup and again I ask Why is she tagging him? Do I take care of this or have him do it?

Here is what the 432 had to say about it?

Stormy Self
He needs to deal with that...block button works well ..unnecessary drama ..it can easily be dealt with ...

The fact that he is blowing it off would be very concerning to me. Yes, he can't control what his EX does, but he can control what he does or doesn't do. And him not wanting to do anything on this says a lot.

Ray Ray
Look, I believe him when he say's it's no biggie to him. It means he really does pay attention to stuff like that and obviously you do. A easy BLOCK or UNFRIEND of the EX should take care it ...for now!

Throw him away. See if the next one likes that, cause apparently you dont.

Cisco Castillo
As a man he should have all ready taken care of it, just my opinion

Joe Hernandez Jr.
Easy there booster seat....you can't even open a jar of peanut butter!

Courtney Holdampf
Block her. Unless they have kids there is no reason for the ex drama

Dont worry about the past! Just focus on the future.


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