Leo and Rebecca Buzz Question - I've been living with my ROOMATE for over a year and paying my part of the rent. Well it happened, and we are now more than roommates, we are a couple and in a relationship. We have been officially going out for 4 months now but I have an issue. HE STILL CHARGES ME RENT. It's not like he needs the extra money..is it wrong of me to ask him to stop charging me rent???

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Brittany Franco
Freshly dating not married so its only fair to continue to do your part!

Nicole Kristen
Wow. So are you dating him just for the free rent? Why do you feel like he should already be supporting you? Would he be paying your rent if you were living somewhere else?

Ali Garcia
Pay up or move out and get your own place.

Tessa Rowell
You're not married

Leigha Gaines
So...I'm about to be married and I pay half of everything. Pay your part. I don't understand why you think you don't need to pay? Even if he owns the home there are other costs to consider. Other bills.
Even after I get married I don't plan on stopping paying for my half regardless of what he makes.

Jenny Penny Freeman
huh forget that never stop paying your way !

Michelle Lopez

Cecilia Reger
I need to talk to my husband if that's the case. I'm still helping pay bills and he can afford them without me too

Top Fan
Jonathan Moreno
Stop paying see if he really into you lol

Dalila Ontiveros
You aren't married woman...keep paying your part. Gotta contribute

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