So one of my littles had a birthday party recently and got lots of goodies, which he was super excited about. I, however get excited to go through all of the cards he gets because for a 10 year old, there's some pretty cool stuff out there. And I'm the kind of person that is all about the 'witty cards.' My siblings have all gotten cards from me at one time or another talking about how they're 'lucky to have me for a sister, or I'm the best looking one of the bunch, the favorite' blah 

Well apparently one of the kiddos that came to my son's party shares the same sense of humor as me. Check out this one:

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OMG when I saw it, I laughed my head off! I was in junior high all over again because my bestie and I used to say that to each other! Honestly, if you have never received this kind of card from me, I must not like you very much because this is classic, the easily offended need not apply. lol