The crazy things we do for love. I like to try to do fun stuff for my better half for special occasions. Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries I try to do something special or give him something that he really wanted that he casually threw out in conversation that I happened to jot down. For his last birthday I stole an idea from a friend and had so much fun with it!

The next time someone you know is celebrating a milestone birthday, get them the number of gifts of the age they are turning. 21 gifts for 21st, 30 for 30, 40 for 40 and so on. I decided to take on this challenge and while it can get expensive, you just have to be creative. Ultimately the final gift is the big gift, but in the event you ever want to give this a try, here are some ideas of little and inexpensive gifts to give...

For the fellas:

  • car scents are always great-hit up the great boutiques in the 432, or maybe your sister's neighbor's friend makes them to sell
  • things to keep in their ride-flashlight, car visors (great for summer), phone charger
  • gift cards for their favorite fast food places-maybe $10 cards to several different places-remember in this case, it's all about quantity
  • for my man I ordered him a shirt online with the year he was born on it but you can also get his favorite baseball team or band
  • items to keep his ride clean-Armor All, glass cleaner, tire cleaner-they sell small ones to keep in his ride
  • card games for game night (Skip Bo, LCR, Uno)
  • a 6 pack of his favorite sodas AND his favorite beer
  • gift certificate for a pedi or mani-guys like to be pampered too
  • pay for his next haircut and get a gift certificate from whoever cuts his hair

For the ladies:

  • for ladies-nail polish, hair brush, her favorite shampoo or hair spray (sounds corny but we pay good money for that stuff I promise she will love it)
  • gift certificate for a mani/pedi
  • purse size perfume-it will be cheaper (you're welcome)
  • her favorite beverages (see above)
  • cutesy little pens (what we never grow out of that little girl phase)
  • note pads to journal in or jot down appointments and things
  • candles
  • lotions/body sprays (purse size to keep in her purse or her ride)
  • gift certificate to wherever she gets her favorite coffee
  • if your girl is always cold like me-warm, fuzzy socks or a cute blanket that she can wrap up in at home
  • phone case/charger
  • magnets for her fridge at home with cute sayings

Literally the possibilities are plenty. But if you decide to take on 50 for 50 for example, keep in mind the key is to start out super cheap (literally dollar store type items) and the last 2 or 3 gifts can be big ones. Have fun with it! Also, I don't know that I recommend wrapping each one. I did but trust, it's alot. lol
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