So if you haven't jumped in on the 'breakable heart' trend you are missing out! My baby girl had a birthday recently and had been asking for one. Momma initially had no clue what it was? Her explanation was, 'you get a little hammer and break it and there's candy inside.' Wait what? I don't think it's a good idea to put a hammer in my 8 year old's hand for any reason! lol 

Then I started to see TikTok videos that gave me more of an explanation as to what a breakable heart is. Ooooohhh so there IS candy inside and best of all, the heart itself is edible. It is made of chocolate. NOW I get it. What 8 year old wouldn't want one?

So as luck would have it, a childhood friend of mine makes them! Gosh talk about meant to be. I guess my princess girl would end up with a hammer after all. Except that it's not quite a hammer. It is a little mallet, perfect for a little, 8 year old hand to bust through this chocolate delight.

What princess wants princess gets...and in the colors she chose too! (she gets it from her momma-coincidentally those are my favorites as well) My friend did an excellent job with the heart and indeed there was even more candy inside. Hmu if you are interested...

Now I'm thinking for my birthday in a short, five months, I'm needing the adult version of this breakable corazon. Can we fill it with various liquor bottles and give me an adult hammer to bust it? I won't hesitate and there will definitely not be anything left by the time I'm finished. lol
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