Who Remembers This Candy From Your Childhood?
Candy that reminds you of your abuelita or favorite tia. Am I lying? Anytime I see this candy, it reminds me of my childhood when I would go to my wela's house and she would have a candy dish full of these and tell me to grab as much as I wanted.
Halloween Candy I Don’t Dig
Halloween is manana and if you are a parent with trick-or-treaters like myself, you're mentally preparing yourself for the pounds of candy your littles are going to attempt to collect. lol
leftover candy
Ok I have some awesome info that you must pass along to all of your family and friends! I know there are businesses or local organizations that passed out Halloween candy lastnight and have some leftover. What if I told you that you can make our troops overseas very happy with your leftover candy?
HAPPY HALLOWEEN to all of our B93 peeps! Finally the day for all the dulce you can eat! lol Speaking of candy, I was thinking back to my trick-or-treating days and remember one year fondly. I was probably 8 years old and after covering my neighborhood and a few blocks over, I came home to assess the…
Halloween Candy:Name Brand Or Not?
I came across an ayeaye survey about Halloween, specifically candy and decided to throw it out. According to the survey, 85% of people buy snack-size, name brand candy to pass out on Halloween. First of all, a big thank you to those peeps including one person in my neighborhood who goes all out and …
i love samples!
Oh yes I am THAT GIRL. Walked into a business the other day that had these samples all over the place! I really thought I had died and gone to heaven! I tried to play it cool but I sure did walk around the entire establishment and take one of each. What can I say? There was a sign near each dish tha…
candy stash
'You're killin me smalls!' Let me say this is what happens, this is what you accidentally discover when you're trying to eat right and stay away from this stuff. Like the meme's say, 'shout out to everyone except Susan in sales who provides the candy stash!' lol
Favorite Back in the Day Candy?
Personally, I have no earthly clue what this is, but my girl went absolutely nuts when she saw these. I was a Zero bar and Whatchamacallit kind of kid as far as chocolate goes. What were those things called that had the candy dipstick and the 4 packets of powder...
The Easter Candy Is Out
Move over Peeps and Cadbury Eggs because there's a new Easter candy in town! I was the convenience store the other day and spotted these Snickers eggs. Heck to the yeah! Love them already. Why? Because I get 2 that's why. lol What's better than 1 Snickers? Double baby!

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