I was today years old when I discovered how amazing a certain candy is that has been around for a very long time! I kid you not, I've seen commercials, I've seen them in stores for pretty much every holiday, Valentine's Day, Christmas, maybe even Easter they're always on the shelves but I've never tried one.

The candy I am talking about are those little round chocolate ones in the gold wrapping. Ferrero Rochér chocolates. I got some for Valentine's Day and I was going to toss them aside like I always have. I have received them over the years and either give them away or they just never get eaten. I even convinced my kids it was 'gross candy.' You know why? Because I am a fool and this entire time thought that they were dark chocolate! I do not like dark chocolate! Do they have a variety box, because I swear I tried one once and it was dark chocolate. I did not just make it up. 

Finally my man said really you've never tried one? I said no I don't like dark chocolate. He insisted I try one. OMIGOSH. Life changing. Game changer. Chocolate and (hazel)nut perfection. I finished what I had and as you can see, he bought me more. lol Today's lesson, if there is something you have avoided for many years because 'you did not think you would like it,' give it a try, it may not be what you thought!
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