Want Halloween tips from a mom of 3? I've done the Halloween thang for quite some time now. I know a thing or 2 and believe me, I'm still learning year after year. I do things quite differently from my firstborn to my now 8 year old. With my first born I stressed over everything and worried about every single detail right down to mapping out where all we would trick or treat on Halloween. Boy have times changed. lol

Tips from a mom of 3:

  • homemade costumes are just as good as store bought-these days it's not unusual for me to get some ideas from Pinterest and wing it
  • if you opt for store bought, I don't recommend spending a lot of money-I can't tell you how many costumes tore within an hour because tbh these days they are so cheaply made
  • also if you purchase a costume, SAVE IT for the next year for a younger sibling to use or keep every single part of the costume together and sell it-may as well make a little money off of something used ONE time for a few hours
  • ask ahead of time which of your family and friends will be passing out candy-half the time kids don't know the difference and don't keep count-you can hit up 4 or 5 houses of people you know be done and they are super happy with a bucket full of candy-it's the experience and memories more than anything
  • if your church or school has a trunk-or-treat let them help out with games and things or better yet just plan to stay there the entire time-being with kids their age that they more than likely go to school/church with will be a ton of fun!

Be safe, have fun, make memories! It all goes by so fast. I have one left to experience this with, I'm cherishing every moment.

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