Halloween Trunk Or Treats And Fall Festivals In Midland/Odessa [LIST]
Trick or Treat smell my feet! If your kids are already anticipating the big day here real soon, let me help map out your stops this Halloween 2021. Trunk or treats have already been scheduled and will be ready for your little goblins on and around the 31st of October! Let's take a look at the trick or treat hot spots in the 432...
Halloween Tips From A Mom Of 3
Want Halloween tips from a mom of 3? I've done the Halloween thang for quite some time now. I know a thing or 2 and believe me, I'm still learning year after year. I do things quite differently from my firstborn to my now 8 year old. With my first born I stressed over everything and worried about every single detail right down to mapping out where all we would trick or treat on Halloween. Boy have
Pass Out Candy At Home Or Get Out And Trick Or Treat?
I'm such a Halloween-scrooge. Yes I just made that name up. Halloween is my least favorite 'holiday' of the year. I can count on one hand the number of times I have actually dressed up as an adult. Little Rebecca doesn't count because if my parents took me trick or treating I'm sure I loved it! But as an adult not so much.
UTPB Halloween Carnival Set For Tonight Open To The Public
UTPB is celebrating their Homecoming festivities this week and I am loving how they tie in their colors of orange black with Halloween and HoCo! The entire community is invited to celebrate with the students and faculty at UTPB. Here is a list of events starting with the Halloween carnival tonight...
Top 5 Most Haunted Places To Visit In Texas [VIDEO,PICS]
Look I get it. Tis the season to get spooked! I don't have to like it but omg am I glutton for punishment, when there are scary movies all month on tv or a haunting show on the tube, I pause and watch, then can't sleep later. Smh. Well either way if this is your thing, check out this list of the most haunted places to visit right here in Texas.
Paint Or Carve Pumpkins-Which Do You Do With Your Family?
Traditions. Many of us have them. There are birthday traditions, whether you have the exact same birthday cake every year, or eat at your favorite restaurant every single year. Or maybe your family celebrates Thanksgiving and Christmas every year with the same friends or family. Of late, I have to say I have seen more and more Halloween traditions.
Spirit Halloween Stores Popping Up In Midland/Odessa Gearing Up For Halloween
I am telling you right now, these Spirit Halloween stores are S-N-E-A-K-Y! It is so crazy that this time of year, if a business goes under or a building is abandoned, boom they will take over for the season! It is not unusual around September to literally be driving a route that you always take and all of a sudden one pops up and you're thinking to yourself, 'where did that come from? It wasn't th

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