I Cannot Believe I Had Never Tried This!
I was today years old when I discovered how amazing a certain candy is that has been around for a very long time! I kid you not, I've seen commercials, I've seen them in stores for pretty much every holiday, Valentine's Day, Christmas, maybe even Easter they're always on the shel…
What Is Your Sundae Flavor?
Yesterday was SUN-DAE and we took full advantage in our household. I can tell you right now the one that you see pictured, is NOT mine. I do not like strawberry but offer me a chocolate one and I'm down! Actually make it hot fudge with nuts.
deep fried twinkies
Remember when these were only a 'thing' at the fair? While grocery shopping recently I discovered you can now buy deep fried twinkies! Chocolate ones at that. Yum! Not surprisingly I saw several baskets with a box thrown in. lol
chocolate ____________
What's the first thing you think of when I say CHOCOLATE? Time for another edition of MATCH GAME. Will you match Rebecca
's answer? Let's play below...