snickers bars
Can I say I love the Snickers with these new, different words on them? I found 2 Snickers right next to each other at the store yesterday that perfectly describe me. I've always said and people that know me well would agree that these are two of the best ways to describe me. lol
my ghetto habit
I am telling you right now, I get ghetto fabulous when I go to a restaurant and see a dish with candy like this! I may get some weird looks but I don't care, I will straight up grab a handful and shove them in my purse. No shame in my game, I revert back to a 5 year old who loves candy and by the wa…
halloween candy
Halloween is just days away and it's only a matter of time before I'm digging through my kids trick-or-treat bucket picking out my favorite candy! lol Chocolate is a given. Give me the little, mini chocolate candy bars and I'm good BUT let me tell you the ones I will stay away from.
Check Out The New Hershey’s Kiss Flavor
One of the peeps in the office always finds this stuff. First of all, he loves candy so it's known that when you have a sweet tooth you can usually pop in his office and there is some sitting out on his desk in the infamous blue bowl. The thing is, he always finds the latest stuff, the 'newest flavo…
What Is Your Favorite Halloween Candy?
It's the time of the year to hit up the Halloween candy! Our secretary here at the B93 studios has spoiled us all month long with different types of candy. One week she had cherry sour's, then she brought on the chocolate, Hershey's Kisses with almonds and this week it's Kit Kat,…