As a little girl I remember loving seeing all of the Christmas presents under the tree. I would get so excited to dig around and see just how many were for me! I am the baby of the family, so typically there were a lot more for me than my other siblings, they are quite a bit older. However, I am also a December baby. My birthday is 4 days after Christmas on the 29th, so how did that work out for me?

For starters, I know of several friends and family members who are in the same boat, with December birthdays and quite honestly, it is split. Pretty much 50/50, those who don't mind having a birthday the same month as Christmas and like me, those who love it!

I have to say I was extremely fortunate to grow up in a family who believed that they should very much be a separate occasion. It was the best thing ever, celebrating Christmas and getting all the presents, then less than a week later having a birthday party with even more gifts. Little Rebecca was in birthday heaven!

As I've grown up and started a family of my own, trust, I still insist that the two be separate. Why change it up now? lol But I have a friend who says nope, she felt cheated her whole life because her family combined the two.

As a December birthday having person, can I strongly suggest you not do this to those you know in this situation. It can be the difference of being the best or the worst day of the year for some, take it from me.

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