I recently had a family member ask what my kids want for Christmas this year? Specifically my 8 year old daughter. Yeah I get it, kids are already tough to buy for and little girls especially. But tbh, I didn't know what to tell them? I don't even know what to get this year?

She has a room full of toys, baby dolls, Barbies, a vanity for play make up, hoverboard, scooter, I mean like most kids, she has it all! What does she play with? Her IPAD. Yep. That is what has and keeps her attention at all times. Electronics. Kids these days would rather be on their phones, laptops and tablets, so what do you get them?

Photo by Nareeta Martin on Unsplash

Parents, do you bother buying your young kids toys anymore? Board games? Bicycles? Are 'the good ol' days' where we would actually put those awesome things to good use over? In recent years I have gotten to the point where I just give my kids giftcards to use on what they want, but that to me seems so boring.

Photo by Solé Bicycles on Unsplash

Who wants gift cards or even money under the Christmas tree? I want actual gifts to open but I guess I'm old school. My kids don't seem to have an issue with it.

Mom, dad, do you bother buying your kids toys anymore if they don't play with them? Have electronics taken over in your household? Is that what you buy as Christmas gifts?

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