We've all had those days right? Things are going pretty good, nothing to worry about. You look out in the distance and spot clouds coming towards you.

You think to yourself, "No worry! There isn't a chance for rain today at all. I should be fine." Heck, you didn't even pack an umbrella.

So as the clouds get closer and closer, you're feeling a little bit overconfident to say the least. So you decide to look at the previously mentioned clouds and proclaim proudly "You won't ruin my day clouds! I know you won't rain on me!"

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At that instant, you immediately regret your decision. The clouds approach, and as if almost on cue, rain pours down on you. You're left soaked, and feeling for a little silly for ever challenging Mother Nature.

Why do we mention a situation such as this? Well, one individual in Texas learned quickly that talking back to Mother Nature does result in some...interesting responses.

Tik Tok Reveals A Rather Silly Situation

One TikTok User Ducky_1976 learned, or relearned, the age old lesson of taking on nature in a video posted to the sharing platform:

As the dark clouds sit outside his house, he looks out at the simple landscape, and states that it looks like the world is ended. Seconds after he states that, the sky proceeds to open up, with rain and hail coming down in metaphorical buckets.

The user sarcastically quips "I just had to say something didn't I," as the video comes to an end. So what is the lesson we've all learned today fellow Texans?


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