Brizzown's Shirt of the Week.
Leo pointed out to me that I have quite an extensive collection of strange, funny, or dumb shirts and suggested that I do a weekly blog until I run out of shirts. To which I said, "Challenge Accepted". I got this shirt last weekend at Kohl's which actually kind of odd for  me because most …
Rebecca Loves Snapchat
I dunno why this was so funny to me but Rebecca was laughing so hard at the new Snapchat filters that I had to take some video. Watch her lose her ish as she scrolls through the bunny rabbit filter.
Facebook Funnies
Here's yet another moment when the posts on Facebook match up just right and the stars align to make a funny and ironic moment. I had a HORRIFYING dream last night that I was drying off after a shower when 2 giant fist sized spiders fell out of the towel and were scrambling around all creepy li…
Never Waxing My Leg Again
Nope! Not happening again. The video doesn't do it justice. Make no mistake about it, this hurts like a mofo. Fella's I highly recommend you do not try this at home. Although, all the other services The King's Cave had available were flat out awesome...
Weekend Movie Watch
Old Daddy Grumps is a grumpy old man who not only gives Leo and Rebecca a run down of all the movies coming into theaters for the weekend, but he gives them hell as well. Take a listen and you'll see what I mean.

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