Day 3624 of quarantine. Staying at home, day in day out, you get to learn alot about the people you are quarantined with. In my case, I'm learning quite a bit about my kids. We spend alot of time together BUT not 24/7 365 thanks to work and school. Here are 5 things I have learned about my little ones since this all began:

  1.  my 6 year old daughter eats WAY more than my teenage son-like ALL.DAY.LONG.
  2. neither of my children need anything from me...unless I'm in the restroom, in the shower, on the phone or about to sit down and eat a meal
  3. for sure my teenage son is going to make a career of Fortnite, he plays it so much!
  4. if they did not have to leave the house they would never shower-these kids don't mind being nasty (don't get me started about brushing their teeth) SMH
  5. a 'meal' for them is not the same as my idea of a meal-cheesesticks, corn dogs, mac and cheese all constitute a meal for kids- and not altogether- I mean mac and cheese is ONE meal to them

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