I was disappointed to learn yesterday that the ONE establishment I thought had it together and never messed up an order did in fact screw up....for the SECOND time. The first time they left my soup out of my order which I left alone, ok mistakes happen. 

But yesterday I had my heart set on my favorite salad, as you can see, I love salads but when I got home to enjoy my meal I discovered they gave me the wrong dressing (which I can live with) then opened up my food and realized they gave me the wrong salad altogether! Crap! I really thought this place had it all figured out.

You can go through the drive thru and there might be 15 cars in line at any given time but they have such an amazing system, you're out in no time, with all your food and some of the best customer service you've ever experienced! Well apparently not anymore, in Odessa at least. What do you do when a fast food place gets your order wrong?

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