customer service

Wrong Order TWICE At This Establishment…
I was disappointed to learn yesterday that the ONE establishment I thought had it together and never messed up an order did in fact screw up....for the SECOND time. The first time they left my soup out of my order which I left alone, ok mistakes happen.
best customer service
I'm telling you right now, Chick-fil-A has got it going on! Not only do they have some awesome food, in my opinion, hands down they have the best customer service! Honestly, not only here in the 4-3-2 but while in the Dallas area recently, I encountered the exact same fast, efficient, friendly …
dry cleaning incident
Can I say I had the best case of 'customer service' of my life the other day? And I guarantee the place of business had no clue who I was, or that I would be blogging and telling our peeps about it like I am now. lol