Can I say I had the best case of 'customer service' of my life the other day? And I guarantee the place of business had no clue who I was, or that I would be blogging and telling our peeps about it like I am now. lol It was a dry cleaners, where I recently started taking my things, in Midland. I took an outfit of mine and my teenage son's for a special service we had at church this past Sunday. I picked up the items on Friday, as I knew they would be closing for the Memorial holiday. It wasn't until I got home to Andrews on Friday evening that I realized they left a pair of my son's pants out of my order. I was upset to say the least. So, by chance, I got online, found a random email and let this particular business know exactly what happened...I was livid! 

Cut to a little later that night, I received a call from the manager saying she would be at the store in 5 minutes for me to come pick up my pants. I sent a friend, since I do not live in Midland, and was also informed that I would have a $100 credit on my dry cleaning account, along with an apology! Now that my friend's, is customer service at it's finest. You make an honest mistake, you correct the mistake and do what it takes to make the customer happy. Not only will I continue to use this particular dry cleaners, I will tell anyone who asks to do the same!

Have you ever been the recipient of excellent customer service like this?