I need you guys to help me out. I'm not going to mention my current provider because I don't like to bad mouth companies, but let's just say that I'm about fed up with the company I'm currently with.

They have flat out lied to us on multiple occasions. They have a horrible customer service rating and always have, but this last lie was the last straw fork me. My fiance and I got on a family plan a few months back and were told we would be getting 16 gigs of data between the two of us. They also said if we went over the data, it would go from 4G LTE to just 4G and we wouldn't notice a huge difference in the step down.

First off, there is a HUGE difference. Second, after running out of data surprisingly soon in the month for a few months in a row, we began to suspect that something was wrong. So we called them and they informed us that we were on a plan with 6 gigs, not 16. We signed up with this plan in a store and made it VERY clear that we used a lot of data and specifically told them that 10 gigs wouldn't be enough between the two of us when they offered us the 10 gig plan first. That's when they offered us the 16 gig plan and we took it. Now (as usual) the company is assuming ZERO responsibility and not even attempting to make up for their employees lie...and we get lied to every single time we speak to an employee there.

I'm done. Who do you use and how do you like the service and the network?

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