Now that spring is here, it has definitely brought us some April showers. This week for sure, we are expecting rain until this time next week actually. We have at the very least a 20% chance of showers everyday this week and I am here for it! How does the saying go? 'April showers bring May flowers...' Then I better get to planting.

You either love the rain or you hate it, no in between. And being from West Texas where we don't get much of a winter and the summers are scorching, hot, dry heat, for me, rain is always welcome! It may not do much for my hair and if I have to be in it for a long period of time for some crazy reason, I may smell and look like a 'wet dog' but I don't care. Bring on the rain!

Certain things are best done when it's raining outside...

  • SLEEP-I can get the best sleep when I hear rain falling outside
  • EAT-why am I like this? I tend to just want to snack while it's raining
  • cuddle and watch movies-I will rewatch every old Disney movie with my kids during a good rain
  • bake-don't be surprised if I post some baked goods to social media, for some reason it brings out my inner Betty Crocker
  • cook-SOUP or stew when it rains-best.thing.ever
  • play board or card games-no one really wants to be outdoors so why not have some family fun while stuck inside?
  • puddle jumping-if you ask my kids, this is top on their list lol

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