Imagine going to visit a deceased loved one at their final resting place in the cemetery, or going to place some flowers at their gravesite only to discover a muddy, sunken mess. After the torrential rain we have had the last few weeks, that is exactly what some local residents discovered this week at the Ector County Cemetery. 

Odessa streets are typically pretty quick to get flooded after a good rain and truly that is exactly what we have been having lately. Spring time is definitely bringing those rain showers but with it sometimes comes the aftermath, whether it be flooded streets as I mentioned before, vehicles that get stuck on flooded road ways or situations like this one.

Several gravesites have sunken in to the point of family members being able to see their loved ones caskets. Something that absolutely cannot be helped is understandably causing some distress for Odessa residents. According to,

'some grave sites had collapsed so badly, the headstones had tipped over.'

However, the cemetery director has said the cemetery maintenance crew plan to work tirelessly to see to it that all of the grave sites damaged by the recent floods be repaired. A maintenance worker by the name of Juan Garza stated that,

"We’re going to try to catch up on everything, just have a little bit of patience with us."

With more rain in the forecast for the rest of the week, no doubt these fine folks want to get the job done before the situation worsens.

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