Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a set of twins? I have three children who were each a handful, I cannot imagine TRIPLETS like this woman from Ontario. The woman's name is Corrie-Lynn White and says when she told her husband they had conceived triplets naturally and their family of 3 (they already had a 2 year old) was about to become a family of 6, he at first did not believe her, then he almost passed out! lol  

The couple decided to create a blog called The Baby Gang to give parents a glimpse into their lives with four toddlers. Can you imagine feeding time? Not to mention bath time, bed time or getting them each into their carseats to leave the house. OMG! How cool of them to share their no doubt crazy lifestyle but this video alone wears me out. Check out Corrie trying to get her four children dressed. lol