I've made it crystal clear, to my family, friends, on the radio, shouted it from the rooftops and even bought a billboard (I kid) stating how much I dislike summer! It is more than just my least favorite season. I despise summer. Have I made my point? lol  Forget the heat. I've lived in this area my whole life, I'm past that, my reason is beyond that. I'm not a fan for a very different reason...

MOSQUITOES. My worst enemy. The one thing on this earth that I would step in a ring and fight to the death if I could. They love me. If we are hangin out on a nice, hot summer evening, drinks in hand, nice conversation, don't sweat it. Not one will go near you, they will surround me, all day everyday. I legit have taken to wearing pants, sweats, jeans, anything that completely covers my legs these days just FYI.

No I'm not crazy, yes I'm hot but I'm just over getting bit every.single.summer by mosquitoes! So I've had some friends and family members offer suggestions on how to keep them at bay this summer. Did they see something on TikTok or YouTube? Probably. If it helps, I could care less where the idea came from, I'll try almost anything.

Irish Spring soap. Apparently all I have to do is set some bars inside and outside of my home and this helps.

Also a homemade concoction of Dawn dish soap, sugar and vinegar. Mix it up, set it out, they stay away or drown in said mixure. Good! I'll give it a shot.

Has anyone tried either of these and do they truly work or do you have any other suggestions for me?


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